Practicing Drawing Fundamentals

Here is some stuff I completed in my Common Core art class, where we practice and review basic drawing fundamentals.



Composition Assignment — Find images from the internet in certain types of composition and mimic them in your sketchbook using the tools we were assigned.



Silhouette Assignment — Design assets using silhouette. Assets must be related to current Rapid Prototype project (my current game was dinosaur related).



Three-point Lighting Assignment — Set up a three-point lighting structure on a “found” object and draw/shade it.



Basic Underlying Structure in Anatomy Practice — Draw humans, showing the basic underlying structure and utilizing the techniques taught in class for building the human form.



Hands Assignment — Draw hands using resources from the internet or anyone willing to model for you.



Mimicry Assignment — Try to mimic provided sketches to the best of your abilities using only the tools assigned in the first day of class. I’m not sure who the original artists are of the things we were assigned to mimic because the sketches were provided on a handout.


Katie Freeman