Practicing More Fundamentals!


While finishing up other work, I like to take a look back on the fundamentals sometimes! This is not only because¬†I always have tons more to learn and improve on, but it gives me a means to compare my progress and encourage myself¬†as I see how far I have grown. It’s also almost therapeutic at times to pick up a sketchbook and pencil/pen when most of my work is on my Cintiq!


This is some practice I did based on an article I saw on Level UP! about lighting and shapes. This practice was done in Photoshop.




Below are some sketches I did for fun!




Here’s a sketch of one of my Dungeons and Dragons characters:DnD_dwarf



Pose Practice

Here are some practice poses I did, some from photo reference, some from internet reference, others just made up for fun.

20160617_201127 20160617_201045

Katie Freeman