A fun final touch to our capstone process!

Making a Poster

We’re getting closer to the end of our Capstone game process, and one of the finishing touches we have to make is a poster to represent the game. As the 2D Artist and Art Lead for our game, I was responsible for this task and I decided to have fun with it! In the process of making capstone games, we all learned a lot the hard way — by making mistakes. So in the end, I really wanted to make something that my team could take home and be happy with and so they could remind themselves of the great lessons we learned together!



Designing the Poster

I decided to go for a movie reference that, if understood, would be comical. If not understood, the design still needed to make a statement and be visually appealing. With this in mind, I went for a Pulp Fiction themed poster, inspired directly by the poster of Samuel L Jackson by artist Billy Perkins. If the reference wasn’t understood, it still resembled an Uncle Sam sort of “I want YOU!” propaganda, which carried the tone that the character on the poster¬†portrayed in the game.

To keep with the art style of Pulp Fiction posters, it needed to be bold and use as few tones as possible with no blending/smoothing of colors together. It was a challenge to design where the shadows would lay, but the hardest part was finding the fine line of making our character still resemble our cartoon-like game art but still have it be close enough to the Pulp Fiction styled poster that the influence would be recognizable.


Making the Poster

With how difficult it was to design the marriage of styles, it was even harder to actually commence coloring it. Early rough sketches didn’t always translate well once colored, and it became apparent very early on that I would just have to dive into laying down colors and clean it up later.¬†It took many iterations to get this, the first versions being monstrous mistakes that had to be totally thrown out and started over. It was a lot of fun adhering to a completely new style though, and once it turned out it felt like all of the effort paid off! Large format art is always a challenge because you have to tediously clean your lines and it feels like you can zoom in forever, but it was still a very enjoyable and relaxing process to just have fun with something!


Here’s an image of the poster I was inspired by, by artist Billy Perkins:

Katie Freeman