Creating some more rigs!


Lately, I’ve been working on multiple rigs at the same time both for practice and to put more things in my portfolio that show my abilities in rigging. I was able to get multiple models from classmates and a professor of mine, so I have lots of exciting things to place rigs into!


My latest completed rig is a bipedal rig for the character Arya, modeled by Tamara Corbett. It’s a simple rig to show what my version of bare minimum is, and was constructed in the span of two days. Her hair was somewhat tedious to weight since the geometry was not separate and it interpenetrated the shoulders and hood of the jacket. I had to carefully shift my camera inside of the geometry and weight each joint carefully while craning the head control at a drastic angle. This allowed me to separate the two sections enough for me to carefully paint in the weights to the correct joints. Little problem solving like this is enjoyable for me though, and since I enjoy painting weights it led to happy satisfaction every time I was able to separate the vertices from one another.


I’ve also been working on three other rigs, all varying in complexity and type. One is a demon rig, the model provided by Nicholas Zuccarello. I plan to make this rig have a lot more features, and the high polycount of the model will help with this. The demon also has wings that I plan to rig in a way that makes it easy and comfortable for both an animator not used to animating wings and an animator who wants advanced, detailed controls.
The other two rigs I’m working on are a fox character (model by Josh Frantz) and a facial rig (model by Judd Simantov).

demon_img_1 demon_img_2

fox_rig_img aryaRig_img



Katie Freeman