Background and UI Concept Art

This is concept art of the background and user interface for the game Sketch Artist. This scene depicts the drawing phase, where the player uses the right side of the screen to draw on their tablet. Buttons were designed to look mostly like objects within the environment.

The environment was designed to resemble a stereotypical police department with a slight film noir feel. It needed to be an open stage for the game’s events to occur in, but also was required to hold some personality of its own without being overpowering. It went through many iterations that were roughly sketched during design meetings on paper. The favorite design was then taken into a digital sketch and placed up for review once more. That design then moved on to a rough color pass, which after approval was moved onto a detail pass that included painting different versions of possible room lighting and adding the UI concepts, including a short video showing how UI elements might move. The very final design was created by our 3D artist using the 2D concept art as reference.

Images of some of these steps can be viewed here.

My role within this project was Art Lead, and my tasks included designing the look of the game and creating all 2D assets.

Additional Info

Created using Photoshop


2D Art, Conceptual, Games