EA Technical Artist – Longshot

I was a Technical Artist for Electronic Arts on the Longshot cinematic mode, specializing in environments but providing artist support to all domains.


My roles included:

  • Artist Support – This was the focus of my time and became my specialty. I worked heavily with artists to unblock them, fix game builds, troubleshoot issues with assets, and answer questions on Frostbite and Perforce. This included complex problem solving within Frostbite and programs such as Perforce, Maya, and Photoshop.
  • Schematic Work – created schematics and shaders for Longshot. I also assisted with finding solutions for taking schematics from Madden game and altering them to fit within the cinematic environment of Longshot.
  • Workflow Support – I supported existing pipelines, provided troubleshooting for issues that arose, and worked to provide new workflows for artists to promote faster and less stressful work conditions.

Tech Art