Sketch Artist Style Guide

I created and put together the style guide for the game Sketch Artist. My art team consisted of myself, Kelly Rodak, and Jose Morales.

My role in the game was art lead, and my responsibilities for this project included choosing a visual style for our game, creating the guidelines for it, guiding my team through creating examples of assets, and placing all of the art together in a cohesive style guide. This guide was then printed and distributed to our team to ensure that the style and quality was met in each aspect of the game.

Artists are credited at the bottom of each image for their contribution to the art used.


If you would like to see images of my planning phase for layout of the style guide, these two sets of thumbnails enlarge to show my original written out plans.

1notes 2notes

These thumbnails are my original notes before I started breaking the writing down and mapping out the page layouts.


1 1.5 2 3

These thumbnails show the planning process for each possible page’s look and layout, which gave an idea of required content for the entire guide. From here, I moved into Photoshop and Illustrator and began gathering elements, setting them up, and creating new 2D art to decorate the guide.


Additional Info

Created using Photoshop and Illustrator


2D Art, Conceptual, Games